We offer supply chain consulting services in the following areas:

Procurement/Sourcing Contract Negotiation

We help our clients negotiate contracts with global vendors in areas of product specifications and samples, MOQs, payment/delivery terms, product exclusivity, packaging, product quality, lead times and rejections etc.

Setting up for Global E-Commerce Marketplaces

We aid clients in reaching global e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon Mexico, Rakuten (Japan), Flipkart (India), and Alibaba (China) etc.

Our experts can also provide support with the UPC codes, shipping and commercial documentation, Incoterms, international financial methods and payments etc.

International Cargo Insurance

We minimize supply chain risk by selecting worldwide cargo and property insurance at favorable rates.

Inventory Optimization

We work with our clients to establish the correct level of stock to minimize “stock-outs” without tying too much capital in inventory.

Currency Risk Management

When currency valuations fluctuate, problems for exporters arise when they are buying in a currency with a relatively high valuation and selling product or services in a much weaker currency . Any strong movement affecting a currency, in any direction, would have significant consequences for profit margins. We try to reduce the currency risk exposure through careful contract negotiation.

Customer Returns/Product Recycling and Disposal

We help our clients manage customer returns and disposal processes. We are knowledgeable of the regulations involving electronic component disposal and can help our clients dispose of product the right way to avoid costly fines.

Supply Chain KPIs

Managing all the moving parts in a supply chain can be a logistical nightmare unless clients have access to the right KPIs and metrics. We aid clients in designing the KPIs that they need to track the current status of shipments, monitor inventory levels and ensure that all orders shipped are accurate. We make sure that operations are always running smoothly.

Website Development, Hosting & Maintenance

API integrations with global payment gateways, 3PL providers and cloud-based ERP, and CRM software is all part of the package that we offer for clients.